Office Policies

As with any business we do have a few policies and procedures in place to ensure our office runs as smoothly as possible. All our appointments are booked appointments. If a patient fails to show for an appointment, or cancels within 24 hrs of the appointment there is a possibility you will be billed for that appointment. Kindly indicate the general nature of the problem to the reception staff so that appointments can be appropriately scheduled. "Complete physicals, counseling and psychotherapy," are consider long appointments, thus requiring more time. "Short appointments" will allow time to cover most other problems.


It is the responsibility of each patient to monitor the amount of medication and refills they have at all times, and ideally when running low to book an appointment. Our physicians make every effort to provide ample repeats so that you don't run out of medication.

Third party services

Third party services are services that are not covered by OHIP. These generally include notes, forms, cosmetic procedures, or tests requested by a third party that is not a doctor. Below is a list of third party services and their costs.


Prescription renewals 0 15
Day Care Notes (communicable disease) 0 20
Off work/school note (Payable on date of service) 0 20
School/Camp form (excluding exam) 0 25
Insurance Disability Forms (Payable by Patient)
(Payable on date of service)
25 - 100 25 - 100
Chart summary transfer: (Payable before transfer)
Disability tax credit form (Appointment required) 50 50
Fitness Club Form 0 25
Massage Therapy, Orthodontics, Physio (for insurance coverage) 0 20
E.I. Disability/Maternity Certificate 25 - 45 25 - 45
Immunization Record (replacement) (Payable before completion) 0 20
Life Insurance Death Certificate 0 40
Travel Cancellation Insurance Form 0 50 - 100
Driver's D.O.T. physical exam & form (Payable on date of service) 100 130
Missed appointment without prior notice 30 - 60 30 - 60
Newborn circumcision (Payable on date of service) 200 200
Other 3rd Party Physical Exams with Form (Payable on date of service) 100 150
Photocopies individual consideration
T.B. Skin Test (3rd party) (Payable on date of service) 30 30
Travel Advice (in office) 0 50
Travel Immunization (charge per immunization) (Payable on date of service) 0 15
Medical Legal Report charge according to complexity & extent of report
Skin Lesions (cosmetic or non malignant) (Payable on date of service) O.M.A. fee schedule
Volunteers Hospitals/Nursing Homes 0 25
Commercial Weight Loss Programs 0 25

An appointment must be made with your doctor for completion of any
forms/certificates which are payable on the date of service.

Other uninsured medical/surgical procedures NOT covered within the scope of this plan
will be direct billed to the patient.
Additional charges will be added as government legislation changes.





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