Over 50?

Turning 50 is a milestone in many people's lives. It's also a milestone in your health care, where various preventative care tests become available for you. The premise of preventative care is to catch disease processes early so that prompt effective treatment can be implemented in a timely manner, to enhance patient care and outcomes. Below are the tests and treatments available in this and ensuing decades.

Mammogram: Mammograms are recommended for women age 50-69 generally every two years. In Ontario breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women. As women get older the incidence of breast cancer increases. Mammograms can help detect small cancers before there are symptoms. If found early there is a high rate of successful treatment and outcomes for women.

Colon Cancer Screening: For those at average risk, no family history of colon cancer, a FOBT should be done every two years. FOBT is a kit which may have been mailed to you, or is available at your family doctor's office, which tests if there is any blood in your stool. It is a simple test that can be done at home and mailed in or dropped off at your local lab. For those at higher risk of colon cancer due to a family history of one or more first degree relatives (parent, sibling, or child) having had colon cancer, then a colonoscopy is recommended, usually every five years.

Prostate screening: All men over age 40 should have a direct rectal examination of their prostate, which assesses any abnormalities of the prostate gland that could be cancerous. At the age of 50 a PSA blood test is available to screen for and detect early prostate cancers. Go to to decide if this test is right for you. This test if not currently funded by the OHIP program.

Flushots: Flushots are available to everyone in Ontario as a form of health promotion through the winter season. However our most important population to ensure receive vaccination is our 65 and older seniors. The flu can have devastating effects in this time of life, and since antibiotics are not effective against viral infections, vaccination is our best weapon to prevent the flu.




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